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The Fight Before Christmas Recap


WOW- What a show last night. 150 strong watched Advanced Pro Wrestling end 2020 in Holiday fashion at APW's The Fight Before Christmas. THANK YOU to all the fired-up fans who support us without YOU we are nothing. THANK YOU to all the behind the scenes help we had setup/teardown, concessions, working the door, security, video and photos, and much more. THANK YOU to all the talent who went out and crushed it last night making sure the fans had a wonderful gift from the wrestling world.

Shock and Awe doesn't begin to describe the reaction when the APW Nation saw Matt Marvel introduce the newest member of The PAK Rodney Mack aka Redd Dogg as he brutally assaulted Magnificent Malico and stole the APW Heavyweight Championship.

The American Witch Erica Torres was casting spells and raising hell as she defeated the BadStreet Beauty Miranda Gordy in an amazing match to become APW Women's Champion.

Prime Flight Starks Magayle and Kari Wright retained their APW Tag Team Titles against The Camacho's Zarek and Onix w/ Ocho ringside in what was probably 'Match of the night"

Skip Terrific became the 3 time APW Cruiserweight Champion defeating Jastin Taylor with a little help from Ryan Justice.

Balak Bridges secured a huge win and is clearly rising up the ranks in the Cruiserweight division take notice Skippy.

Shane Stratmore and Chad Box went to war and after chairs, staple guns, ladders and foreign objects they still left with no clear winner. That will absolutely change January 16th I will make sure of it and that is my New Years Resolution.

Jason Bruce, Xander Slade and the American Rebel were all arrested after a confrontation with Rock Bannon leaving their status up in the air for now.

Insane night of APW action and just wait as we have an even bigger show set for January to kick off 2021. Once again THANK YOU ALL and we can't wait to see you next year!!

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